Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Bouquet for a member

If you would like to nominate a friend / colleague to receive a bouquet from UNISON, e-mail u.magazine@unison.co.uk or write to UNISON at 130 Euston Road, London, NW1 2AY.

Living life to the full

UNISON is always working on your rights at work and looking after members in the workplace but what we don't say loudly enough is that we care about what happens to you after work too.

Membership of UNISON doesn't just get you support at work but gives you access to a range of exclusive deals and offers designed to make your life outside work that little bit easier.

Because UNISON has over 1.3 million members it can secure some great deals through trusted providers that are endorsed on the basis of common values, good practice and customer care.

These deals can now be found at UNISON Living.

Violence in schools

More than half of classroom or teaching assistants across the UK have experienced violence in the classroom.

UNISON's report. 'Bad Form: Behaviour in Schools' shows that almost one fifth of all education staff have experienced violence but teaching assistants bear the brunt of it.

Read a summary of the report here.

Thomsons Solicitors - April to June 2016

The latest quarterly report on personal injury cases has been issued.

The highlight is that Thomsons continue to recover around £250k in damages for UNISON members every month. Slips, trips and falls continue to be the main cause of injury followed by assaults.
  • 211 cases opened
  • £645,363 obtained in damages
  • £8,169 average award in each case
  • 125 wills prepared
  • 176 members given free legal advice
  • 4 conveyancing cases opened.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Scottish Women's Conference/ AGM

The Scottish Women's Conference and AGM will take place on Saturday 1st October 2016 at 11am to 4pm (approx0 at Discovery Point in Dundee.
The branch can send 3 delegates but closing date for registration is 7th September.
If you are interested please contact us at office@unison-angus.org.uk as soon as you can.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016


We’re always looking out for you when you’re at work, but there’s much more to life.
So UNISON Living is here to help you get the most from your own time too.
Maybe you want to head off to the sunshine on a budget, or perhaps you’re looking to upgrade your car and want help from someone you can trust. Or maybe you’re looking for the peace of mind that comes from knowing health and dental bills for your family are taken care of.
Whatever you need, UNISON Living can connect you with a trusted partner who can help. We’ve used the huge power of our 1.3 million members to secure some of the best deals exclusively for you.

Read more here

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Thomson Solicitors

Thomsons are the Solicitors for UNISON members and the headline statistics for January to March 2016 are as follows:-
·       178 cases opened;
·       78 successful cases concluded;
·       £1,403,897 obtained in damages;
·       £17,998 average award in each case
·       £467,965 average damages per month;
·       3% of cases turned down;
·       142 wills prepared;
·       129 members were given general free legal advice;
·       9 conveyancing cases opened
  • 10 criminal case opened
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