Wednesday, 13 December 2017


It's Budget setting day tomorrow for the Scottish Government and earlier this week UNISON Angus took the opportunity to write to our constituency and list MSPs. We told them that we'd support any politician who was prepared to take a real stand against austerity and we called for investment in our services and communities. We believe that a real anti-austerity approach to the 2018/19 budget should be the main priority and focus for the Government and Councils and indeed, many of our MSPs (and Councillors) were elected on anti-austerity manifestos.
We've called on them to work towards a budget that does more than just mitigate against the worst excesses of the cuts that have been inflicted over the past seven years. National and local services need investment to enable them to survive and provide adequately for all in our communities. We welcomed the manifesto pledges made by the Scottish government but we also see that as a result of those pledges there is very little left in the pot for local government. The impact of that is continuing cuts to budgets which really affects a rural community such as Angus.
Scotland has the power to break from the austerity model that is set to be with us for the next decade. MSPs can enable that change by helping to produce a budget that has investment at its heart and will reverse the cuts and end austerity.
Never before has our branch had to write to MSPs making this plea; this highlights the desperate times we find ourselves in and our significant concerns about the future delivery of vital services to the people of Angus.
Finally, we hoped that we would hear back from them in the near future. To date, only one has........


Here's some information and questions and answers about UNISON's fund to help members on low incomes by way of a one-off payment of up to £50.
To apply, you can download the application form by visiting, by e-mailing the branch at or by phone on 07999 344300.

Monday, 4 December 2017


Just a few words on the Admin & Clerical element of the Business Support Review.

We met with Jane Stork and Fiona Gold last Wednesday for an update on the Admin & Clerical Review. They advised me that before there's any detail on how the review will progress they need to assess the processes that our members undertake as part of their work routine - this work hasn't been completed but there will be workshops and a 'Rapid Improvement Event' in the next couple of weeks. Whilst UNISON hasn't been invited to the Improvement Event, we have members who are going. Other than that, there isn't anything to share with you just now but felt it necessary to provide an update of sorts to you all rather than nothing at all.
Once we have any news from the employer on their proposals and way forward for the Admin & Clerical Review, we'll be in touch. And if you have anything to share with us in the meantime, please contact the Branch at

Thursday, 23 November 2017


We’ve started distributing this year’s Stars in our Schools bags to our members in Angus schools and that you and your fellow members will receive theirs very soon! It will however take a few days to get round everyone so it might be the middle of next week before we get to you.

For the first time this year, you’ll find a nomination form inside your bag where you have the chance to let a member of school support staff know just how much you the value the work they do. The winner, chosen by a panel of UNISON activists, and the person nominating them will be our special guests at the UNISON AGM where they will both receive a prize. There will be smaller prizes for the runner up too.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!


On Budget day, and the day The Courier reports that the Tory MP for Angus was absent during a debate relevant to her constituency, I thought I'd remind you that back on 2 November, we wrote to Kirstene Hair. We let her know:
• That persistently low pay has led to the morale of dedicated and hard working Angus public sector workers being severely damaged;
• That how, in the last seven years, pay has fallen far behind the cost of living;
• How our pay has failed to keep up with the cost of just about everything we need.
And we asked that she ensured that the Chancellor provided a bigger Budget allocation for pay so that Scottish Ministers wouldn't need to find as much to give us all a decent pay rise. We suggested that by doing this, she would show that she did indeed want to work for you, her Angus constituents, employed as we all are in vital public sector occupations.
The same day we received an automated reply promising a response within 10 working days. We are now on Day 14 and the silence is deafening. We emailed her again last night looking for her response but I'd suggest the lack of one in the first instance tells you all you need to know.
We'll await the Budget statement later.

Friday, 3 November 2017


After a very busy fortnight, we can again offer some drop in time for our members next week. We're in LG5 at Bruce House and are available as follows:
Wed 8: 0900 - 1200
Thu 9: 0900 - 1100
Fri 10: 1300 - 1500


As part of the 'Pay up Now!' campaign UNISON Scotland are seeking to put as much pressure on Conservative MPs to relax UK pay policy.
This is important because the more the Chancellor allocates for pay in the UK Budget on 22 November, the less additional money the Scottish finance minister will have to find for pay in Scotland. UNISON Scotland recognises that the pay policy has to be set in the context of the Scottish Government’s spending plans. The budget for the coming year will be dependent on the UK autumn budget and the extent of any Barnett revenue consequentials. The other half of the budget is dependent on the Scottish Government’s decisions on devolved taxation.
Please let your local Tory MP Kirstene Hair know that you need her support in lobbying the Chancellor for a bigger Budget allocation for pay. After all, she promised to work for, and represent, the people of Angus...... and that's all of us!
There's lots of info in this document that you can share with her:
And to make it even easier, here's her email address:
If you hear back from her, let us know!
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