Friday, 3 November 2017


After a very busy fortnight, we can again offer some drop in time for our members next week. We're in LG5 at Bruce House and are available as follows:
Wed 8: 0900 - 1200
Thu 9: 0900 - 1100
Fri 10: 1300 - 1500


As part of the 'Pay up Now!' campaign UNISON Scotland are seeking to put as much pressure on Conservative MPs to relax UK pay policy.
This is important because the more the Chancellor allocates for pay in the UK Budget on 22 November, the less additional money the Scottish finance minister will have to find for pay in Scotland. UNISON Scotland recognises that the pay policy has to be set in the context of the Scottish Government’s spending plans. The budget for the coming year will be dependent on the UK autumn budget and the extent of any Barnett revenue consequentials. The other half of the budget is dependent on the Scottish Government’s decisions on devolved taxation.
Please let your local Tory MP Kirstene Hair know that you need her support in lobbying the Chancellor for a bigger Budget allocation for pay. After all, she promised to work for, and represent, the people of Angus...... and that's all of us!
There's lots of info in this document that you can share with her:
And to make it even easier, here's her email address:
If you hear back from her, let us know!

Friday, 27 October 2017


The Branch Secretary was briefed yesterday afternoon on the Council's Business Support Review, which includes a review of most admin and clerical functions across the local authority. Unfortunately, this briefing came after staff affected by the Review had been contacted to invite them to a series of staff briefings which are being held this coming Monday. We therefore knew very little other than it was going to happen at some point so had little or indeed no information to share with those of you who contacted us.

We've been advised that 297 members of staff are in scope for the Review and we'll endeavour over the next few days to identify each UNISON member who is part of it. It will however be really helpful if you can let us know - by email to the branch office ( or by replying to this message if indeed you are part of this review. We can then look at setting up communication channels between members and the Branch so that all your comments, observations and concerns can be discussed, shared and addressed.

Our Branch Chair Glen Anderson will be at all four staff briefings on Monday for UNISON and will ask members to let him or the office know if they are part of the Review.

Finally, just to say that the volume of work at the Branch right now is really high and it may therefore take a day or two for us to get back to you. But get back to you we will!

Wednesday, 18 October 2017


Angus Council has now commenced its formal consultation process for the above review; this will run until 31 October 2017.
If you're a UNISON member in scope for this review and wish to share any observations, comments and concerns on the proposals contained in it, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the office by phone (07999 344300) or email at

Friday, 22 September 2017


Just to remind you........UNISON Angus is offering free transport to and from Edinburgh on the day for our members and families!
If you can make it on the day, let us know how many places you’d want and which Angus burgh you'd like to be picked up from. You can email the Branch Office at or you can leave a comment on this post. Please let us know by Tuesday afternoon so that arrangements can be put in place.


From next week (with the exception of the October school holidays) until Christmas at the earliest, the Branch will be based in Room LG5 in Bruce House. The room is much bigger and we'll be able to put our printer and scanner in there too making admin and the like much easier!
If you want to come in and see us, we'll be in there at the following times next week:
Tuesday 26: 1300 - 1700;
Wednesday 27: 0900 - 1230
Thursday 28: 0900 - 1200; 1300 - 1600

Thursday, 14 September 2017


As you’ll have seen from our posts in the last few days, UNISON Scotland are organising a big family friendly march and rally for all UNISON members on Saturday 7 October. The goal is to make it the biggest UNISON Scotland gathering since the pensions dispute of 30 November 2011.
There will be lots laid on to entertain families and the event is part of our campaign for a decent pay rise in 2018 for all those working in the public sector in Scotland.
UNISON Angus is offering free coach transport to and from Edinburgh on the day for our members and families from as many of the Angus burghs as is required! Departure times will be confirmed once we have an idea of numbers and every member will be contacted directly in the next few days to let them know about the event. So if you can make it on the day, let us know how many places you’d want and which Angus burgh you'd wish to be picked up from! You can email the Branch Office at or you can leave a comment on this post.
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