Tuesday, 9 January 2018


Because the authority has delayed the launch of its proposals, we have also had to rearrange our own meeting as there is no point consulting you on proposals you haven’t seen. 

Therefore we invite primary office staff and secondary admins to meet with us on WEDNESDAY 31 JANUARY and not the 17th as previously planned. Still at 4.30 p.m. in the Queens Hotel Forfar.

Friday, 5 January 2018


If so, UNISON Scotland are looking to expand their network of members who are EU Nationals.  This is primarily to gather views on the various initiatives from the Scottish and UK governments and legislation in relation to Brexit.
This won’t be time consuming, as it’s simply a sounding board for the views of those most affected by the decision to leave the EU.

If you'd like to participate, please e-mail the Branch Office at office@unison-angus.org.uk.

Wednesday, 20 December 2017


We’ve now finished distributing Stars in our Schools ‘goodie bags’. If you’re aware of a member in your school who didn’t receive one, please let us know and we will get one to them as quickly as possible.

Remember too that nominations are still open for our Stars in our Schools – forms were inside your bags. If you’ve mislaid the form and would like another one, email the branch office at office@unison-angus.org.uk


As you’ll be aware, the above review is now under way, with one meeting already held between management and staff on 13 December and a further one scheduled for 10 January 2018.

We can confirm that this review will focus mainly on primary schools. There will also be an impact on Administrative Assistants working in secondary schools; however, LG3 and LG4 clerical staff in secondary schools are no longer within the scope of this review and will not be directly affected by it. Management have also ought expressions of interest from school office staff affected by the review for Early Retirement/Voluntary Redundancy (usually abbreviated to ‘ER/VR’) which are to be submitted by 5 January 2018. Although we won’t know the full extent of the school office proposals until the meeting on 10 January, our advice would be that even if you are only remotely interested in the possibility of ER/VR then you should apply for an illustration of the payment you’d receive. Applying for an illustration doesn’t commit you to anything and once the information is received you can do nothing more with it, or pursue it if formal applications for ER/VR are invited from management later in 2018.

The formal consultation period for this Review is scheduled to start on 10 January 2018. In order that we can hear your views on the final proposals, we have organised a meeting for members working in primary school offices and members employed as Administration Assistants in secondary schools; this will take place in the function room of the Queen’s Hotel, The Cross, Forfar on Wednesday 17 January 2018 and will commence at 1630, lasting for one hour. Branch Officers will remain at the venue until 1830 in case members wish to discuss issues on a one-to-one basis.


UNISON Scotland's Local Government Committee Chair Mark Ferguson has written on behalf of members to Derek MacKay with regard to last week's draft Scottish budget announcement. Mark has asked some important questions and seeks clarification, and answers, with regard to Derek Mackay's speech and calls for him to revise the 2018 spending plans for local Government.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017


It's Budget setting day tomorrow for the Scottish Government and earlier this week UNISON Angus took the opportunity to write to our constituency and list MSPs. We told them that we'd support any politician who was prepared to take a real stand against austerity and we called for investment in our services and communities. We believe that a real anti-austerity approach to the 2018/19 budget should be the main priority and focus for the Government and Councils and indeed, many of our MSPs (and Councillors) were elected on anti-austerity manifestos.
We've called on them to work towards a budget that does more than just mitigate against the worst excesses of the cuts that have been inflicted over the past seven years. National and local services need investment to enable them to survive and provide adequately for all in our communities. We welcomed the manifesto pledges made by the Scottish government but we also see that as a result of those pledges there is very little left in the pot for local government. The impact of that is continuing cuts to budgets which really affects a rural community such as Angus.
Scotland has the power to break from the austerity model that is set to be with us for the next decade. MSPs can enable that change by helping to produce a budget that has investment at its heart and will reverse the cuts and end austerity.
Never before has our branch had to write to MSPs making this plea; this highlights the desperate times we find ourselves in and our significant concerns about the future delivery of vital services to the people of Angus.
Finally, we hoped that we would hear back from them in the near future. To date, only one has........
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