Branch Details

Branch Contact Details

The Branch are currently based in Bruce House, Arbroath. Please use the following methods to contact the Branch Office:

Mobile: 07999 344300.

If you get no reply and your message is urgent please leave a message - someone will get back to you. 

E-mail: – this is the easiest way to contact the branch.

UNISON Angus Council Branch represents over 1170 members.  The vast majority of members are employed by Angus Council, where we have members in every Department.  However we also represent members with the following employers:

  • Abbey Care Services
  • ANGUSalive
  • Angus Carers Association
  • Angus Care and Repair
  • Angus Independent Advocacy
  • Arbroath Town Mission
  • Brechin Day Care Ltd
  • Direct Payment sceme
  • Enable Scotland
  • Little Einsteins Nursery
  • Penumbra
  • Real Life Options
  • Robertsons FM
  • Rossie Young People’s Trust
  • Sanctuary Personnel
  • Sense Scotland
  • Shelter
  • Tayside Valuation Joint Board
  • Voluntary Action Angus

Branch Officers
The Branch is operated by volunteer members who are elected annually.  The 2015 Branch Officers are:

Glen Anderson
Chris Boyle

Shirley Ross

Health & Safety Officer
Glen Anderson
Communications Officer
Roger Garbett
Education Officer
Equalities Officer
Alison Lothian
Labour Link Officer
Damian Brennan
Welfare Officer
Young Person’s Officer
Debbie Crawford
Retired Members Officer
Gordon Watson

There are a couple of vacancies for Branch Officers and Stewards.  Please contact the 
office if you feel that you could help in any way. 

Last Updated: 1st May 2018

Workplace Stewards and Department Representative

A workplace steward is elected by the members in their workplace.   If this steward is the 
only steward in the department then they automatically become the Department Rep.  
If there is more than one steward in a department then the Department Rep is agreed or 
elected.  As a Department Rep they have the right to attend and vote at Branch Executive
Meetings.  The following is a list of the current Workplace Stewards and Department Reps:

Department Reps / Stewards


    Arthur Grant
    Shirley Ross

    Ryan Fitzpatrick

Damian Brennan

·        Roger Garbett

Health and Social Care Partnership

-        Dave Charlton

Rossie Young People’s Trust
·        Vacancies

·        Vacancies

H&S Reps

·        Glen Anderson
·        Alison Lothian

Last Updated: 25th August 2016

Workplace Contacts

In workplaces where there is no Steward or Health & Safety Rep the Branch have 
introduced a Contacts Network.  This network consists of members who are willing to act a 
contact to distribute any information/ literature.  This is all that we ask however if they wish 
to do more, i.e. informing the Branch of new starts within the workplace, then we are 
extremely grateful. If you are interested please get in touch!

Current Contact Network: 

Communities -

Nicola Morrison - Montrose Town House

Liz Reid - William Wallace House

People –

Maureen Blackstock – Andover Primary School

Barbara Bowman - Strathmore Primary School

Lesley Duthie - Strathmore Primary School

Seonaid McGurk - Ladyloan Primary School

Jacqui McWalter - Hayshead Primary School

Shirley Ross - Brechin High School

Beverley Jane Smith - Burnside Primary School

Moira Soutar - Muirfield Primary School

Jane Stewart - Arbroath High School

Frances Walker - Lochside Primary School

Simon Willis - Monifeith High School

People – Social Work

Karen Braid - Lochlands Resource Centre

Mandy Shaw -, Fairlie House, Kirriemuir

Elmarie Soutar - Academy Lane, Arbroath

Lynne Robertson - Broomfield Resource Centre





Last up-dated 5th March 2016


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